Monday, April 23, 2007


Two notable things about my weekend.

After over a week of frustration I finally installed my roof rack. For a brief period I cursed all things Swedish and vowed to never purchase anything from them or their Scandinavian neighbors for the rest of my life. I was convinced that they intentionally shipped their racks with impossible installation instructions in order to infuriated Americans and get back at us for starting that unnecessary war thing. But I successfully completed the installation and the Scandinavian boycott is off except for my continuing embargo of Danish cinema due to my intense hatred of Lars von Trier.

Watched all of the Sox/Yankees series. I was expecting to be more elated than I actually am considering the Sox won every game, some in humiliating fashion. But you could hardly call it domination when we won 2 1-run games and 1 2-run game. Honestly the ball literally bounced our way this time (thinking particularly of Coco’s game winning hit against Rivera on Saturday). This by no means made it any less enjoyable. I was almost giddy when Torre desperately put in Pettitte in long relief on Sunday. He can say as many times as he wants that the Sox/Yankee series isn’t anything special but when he used his $18 million dollar starter on 2 days rest to try to keep you in an April ballgame, he is taking this game more seriously than other games. That said the Sox starters looked far from invincible in this series and that was a seriously banged up Yankees team. Kevin Thompson and Wil Nieves don’t exactly strike fear in my heart. I don’t want to get too dorky and talk about Pythagorean records but in terms of runs score to runs allowed the Yankees are playing about even with the Sox and have a horrible record in 1 and 2 run games (2-8) that will correct itself over the season. Now Yankee fans will say that it is a 162 game season which of course is true but the 162 game season is made up of series and this particular one couldn’t have gone much better. To throw out a sports cliché in order to win you must be good and lucky and the Sox were both this weekend.

I also learned that 2 month old babies don’t like it when I yell at the tv. I’m a little worried I permanently damaged my kid during the 4 consecutive homeruns.


Dan said...

It hardly seems fair to penalize Finland. What did they ever do but hold the line against The Big Bear for 50 years?

Dan said...

Wang's pitching tomorrow night. Phil Hughes is pitching Thursday.

akboognish said...

Are you sure that your roof rack comes from Scandinavia? This is from Thule's website: "To say that Thule’s beginnings in the US were humble would be an understatement – Founding member Ake Skeppner sold direct to end users at windsurf competitions on the New England shoreline;" while Yakima is based in Oregon at the moment but used to be out of Arcata, California.

What'd you do--go buy a Volvo or a Saab? If that's the case I have no sympathy.

btw, I agree with you on the slim nature of these victories. Given the condition of the Yankees, these should have been definitive victories, if not stompings. But a W is a W so I'm happy, too.

Dewy24 said...

all i know is that the fairing on the front of the rack says, "Thule: Sweden" and that was the basis of my brief boycott. that would be strange if they started in New England though. What kind of pseudo-Swedish racket is this?

Dewy24 said...

i'm also glad the boycott is over because i realized that Peter, Bjorn and John are from Sweden and I think they are fantastic.