Monday, April 09, 2007

More Matsuzaka

First there was the exceptional Asahi Super Dry commercial (see previous post) which I proclaimed “the greatest commercial ever made” not 2 weeks ago. Well I’m going to have to recant that superlative and say that no commercial will ever be better than this one. You have little kids waking up in the dead of night to watch Matsuzaka pitch, a strange cameo by Paul Konerko, a brilliant image of a neck-tattooed degenerate Yankee fan (yes, I know there is no other kind) who looks like he wants to kick your teeth into the curb, an even stranger cameo by Wally the Green Monster alone in Fenway’s grandstands, and a rapid montage of rabid Sox fans, pissed off neck-tattoo guy again, Matsuzaka’s name in lights on the scoreboard and some creepy off-screen voice whispering “Matsuzaka”. The result of which is the greatest piece of film since Eisenstein’s Odessa Steps scene or the first 5 minutes of ‘Touch of Evil’.

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