Thursday, April 05, 2007


Matsuzaka will not strike out 10 batters and walk only 1 in every game. Nor will he give up only 6 hits with just 1 being hit hard. I’m sure that he will be shelled at some point in the season. But with all of the expectations for this game that was one of the best debut performances ever. This is ridiculously premature for me to say but the $51.1 million dollar posting fee for him seems like a bargain. Does anyone think Andy Pettitte will be even close to this good?


Dewy24 said...

EDIT: I should mention that Hideo Nomo pitched a no hitter on his first game as a Red Sox in 2001 so I guess that would qualify as the best Red Sox debut ever.

Dan said...

Andy Pettitte has had a much better career than Hideo Nomo.