Monday, April 30, 2007

The Big Story

What was the big sports story from this weekend? Was it the continuing bloodbath in the Bronx where even the Yankees ace can’t beat a journeyman number 5 starter and Doug Manishevitz hits a 3 run home run and they still lose? No.

Was it the Pats miraculously picking up Randy Moss for a pittance of a 4th round draft pick, negotiate is base salary down from $9 million to a little over $3 million AND can decide to cut him by opening day at no cost? No.

The big story was Taylor Twellman scoring in the 13th minute of the match to surpass Preki as the 7th all time leading scorer in MLS history.

Normally I might be disturbed by images of David Ortiz wearing a Yankees cap but this weekend was so glorious I can just laugh it off.

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