Thursday, May 08, 2008


Hillary Clinton is approaching the Ralph Nader level of people I used to respect but now want to completely disappear. She is behind Obama by almost 700,000 in the popular vote, behind by almost 200 in committed delegates and has won fewer states than BO and has virtually no chance of winning. Her pitch now is that she should be the Democrat's nominee because she has received more white votes. I was pissed off at her pandering gas tax holiday but this goes far beyond that. Is she honestly suggesting that superdelegates should consider black votes as less important than white votes? Perhaps she misspoke like she misspoke about her visit to Bosnia but I think she is far more intelligent than that. This is about as low as campaigning can go and shows that she has little inclination at the moment to help Obama defeat McCain. Rush Limbaugh is giggling happily to himself somewhere. This is a sad day that calls for sad music.


akboognish said...

awesome video, but you know I have to disagree with you regarding Nader. If Hillary steals this thing, I'm going to be very happy to vote for him. In fact, him being in the race is important, as folks pissed off at Hillary who obviously wouldn't vote for McCain would have somebody to vote for (thus an argument against her being given the nomination). If Obama wins the nomination, watch the Nader energy evaporate in all but the most hard-core democratic (safe) states.

Dan said...

was that a flash of kermit going down on fozzie? wow.