Monday, October 01, 2007

Your 2007 American League Wild Card Champions

I'm not saying this to be a wiseass because if the Yankees go further than the Sox in the playoffs and win the World Series, Yankee fans will not care one bit that they won as a wildcard. But in terms of marketing don't you think the sales of this t-shirt will be horrible?

So winning the A.L. East is meaningless yet satisfying at the same time. I'm certain the players don't really care how they make the post season, nor should they. But what is so gratifying about this season is that the loudmouth Yankee fans who always thought the the Sox would blow it have to accept that over the course of the 162 game season Boston was the better team. I don't want to hear that they won the season series because that isn't relevant. The Yankees were 9-9 against the Orioles this year. Does that mean they were even? It certainly bothered me that the Yankees won the A.L. East every years since 1996. So, sit on it, Murray Chass.

Looks like the Red Sox are making it a tradition of completely over the top celebrations. I thought Friday night looked pretty ridiculous until I remembered Kevin Millar saying that he thought the Sox didn't drink enough after winning the wild card in 2003 and Kevin Millar was a very wise man.

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