Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting My Irish Up

The implications of this recent New York Times article are enormous. The most important of which is that the Boston Celtics name is, genetically speaking, inaccurate. The article basically says that researchers have found very little genetic differences between the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. The Irish, Scottish, and Welsh belief that they are primarily the decendants of the Celts is a myth used to create a false difference between them and the English. The truth is that the British Isles were settled by people from the Basque region of Spain. Here in Boston where psuedo-Irishness is way of life this bit of scientific truth wouldn't dampen the Saint Patrick's Day fun of public drunkenness and banning homosexuals from the parade.


Dan said...

Basque? Are you suggesting a name change from the Boston Celtics to the Boston Codpieces? In keeping with the vow I made on my first comment on this blog, I disagree with everything you've said here. Furthermore, I'm outraged.

Dewy24 said...

How about "Los Bascos de Boston"